Chicken Floor Raising

Chicken Floor Raising

Application:broilers/breeds floor rearing

Place of origin: Zhengzhou 450001 of China

Design concept:comfort/safe space, healthy growing and laying

Key parts:automatic watering/feeding,egg collection, flooring

Service: accept customized design and OEM manufacturing

Floor raising is one type low-density farming mothod, features easy management and small investment, it is widely used in breeders and broilers large-scale raising

The floor raising system mainly consists the following systems

1. Feeding system

●Chicken floor raising usually apply main feeding line and feeding pan line, feed is loaded into the feeding pan line through main feeding line

●Feeding pan is evenly distributed in the feeding pan line, the tray can be adjusted according to the chicken body size, to avoid waste of feed

●Feeding pan line usually equip lifting system, so the feeding pan line hight can be adjusted according to the growth of chickens

●Feeding pan line can also equip low-voltage shock device, to ensure feeding pan line safety

2.Waterline system

●One end of the waterline equip water pressure regulator set to control the chicken drinking water pressure

●drinking nipples and hanging cups evenly distributed in the water line, to facilitate chicken drinking water

3. Egg system (Optional for breeders)

●Egg collection box can choose manual egg collection and automatic egg collection

●Egg collection box layout is generally used double side wall placing or middle placing 4. Flooring system

●Floor can use padding bedding or plastic slat as floor

●plastic slat floor can reduce the occurrence of bacteria and infection,

●Plastic slat flooring system can be used with automatic scraper machine to achieve automatic manure remova